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Fogging Tester

Fogging Tester

Product Details:


Product Description

Fogging tester is particularly designed instrument for checking the VOCs of leather, vinyl, plastics and fabrics for aerospace, automotive and other communication vehicles or fogging properties.

Our range includes below equipment:

  • Thermostatically Regulated Bath : Obtainable with every protection devices for superheat, this is intended to work at approx. 130°C. Every parameter such as shower capacity, heating system and circulation system operate in synchronization manner as to regulate the temperature in ± 0.5°C all through the shower. A uniform and slow is keeping up for the fomentation of bath.

Other Information: There is a radial pump at the base of few of the circulators and heaters, which helps the pumping of fluid at maximum speed over the shower. Passing fluid in the recepticles have distinctive velocities and this will bring about separation in the temperatures of various measuring utensils.

The gap between the lower surface and the bath liquid of the glass sheet must be 60 ± 2 mm.

  • Chilling Plates: Cavity in structure, these chilling plates are produced using rust resistant metals along with aluminum on the past as confronting the glass base. These are extraordinarily intended for maintaining the glass plates chill. The chilling water circulates through entire of the base with double links. A least weight of 1kg must be retained in the chilling base loaded with to subdue the lightness of the measuring utensil in the shower. For each unique measuring utensil, a different chilling plate is utilized. Outlining of the chilling plates as well as water thermostat is performed in a manner that the average temperature of water stays at 21ºC and in addition, the temperature distinction between the outlet and inlet does not surpass 1ºC.

  • Even bottomed jars: These are manufactured from heat-retardant glass

  • Metal rings: Produced by deploying rust resistant steel, these rings are widely utilized to retain the test parts flat.

  • Sealing rings: The shape of these rings is circular or L, manufactured from fluoro rubber or silicon.

  • Raised-glass plates: These are acquirable in windshield or residential window property for summarize the fogging level. Obtainable in non-tin and tin finish, these possess reflecto measure values in ± 2% units.

Other Details: Verification of non-tin and tin surfaces of these can be performed by surveying in an obscured room below UV illumination at 254 NM wave-extent. At the point when presented to UV Beam, the tin base of the sheet will glow.

  • Filter paper

  • Aluminum foil coils: These plates are put away in a dedicator for preventing contamination and condensation.

  • Reflectometer: It is also called as gloss meter

  • Spacer: This sort of spacer is particularly introduced amid relectometer computations to avert connection with the dew on the glass base. these are produced from superior grade materials like plastic or paper with a round gap for the computations.

  • Balance

  • Desiccators: These are obtainable with proper drying material

  • Dishwasher

  • Polyethylene gloves

Technical Details:

  • Metal rings

  • Outer diameter: 80mm

  • Inner diameter: 74mm

  • Length: 10mm

  • Aggregate: 55±1g

  • Sealing rings

  • Inward diameter: 90mm to 95mm

  • Density: 2mm to 4mm

  • Solidity: 50 IRHD to 70 IRHD

  • Float-glass plates

  • Breadth: (3 ± 0.2) mm

  • Square with Least properties: (110×100) mm

  • Round with diameter: 103mm

  • Filter paper

  • Diameter: 110mm

  • Aggregate per unit base: 90 g/m2

  • Aluminum foil discs

  • Breadth: 0.03mm

  • Diameter: (103 ± 1) mm

  • Reflectometer

  • Incident Light: 60°

  • Measurement Light: 60°


  • Exceedingly exact temperature regulate devices

  • Bolster the blends of non-standard inspection conditions

  • Diverse stations for doing example test or clear test all the while

  • Exact test information through stable operating condition

Fields of Usage:

  • Automotive Industry

  • Plastic Industry

  • Aerospace Industry

  • Leather Industry

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